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July 2013 Newsletter

Posted on July 12, 2013 at 3:38 PM
July 2013 Newsletter

     Wow, it’s been more than a busy time since our last newsletter! We’ve moved into our new office space, moved ourselves into a new place, been working on tons of new projects and almost got washed away in the Florida Panhandle floods – but all is well and we’re so grateful to have YOU as part of the Spiker family.

      I delayed this issue a couple days because I know many of you have gone to the Atlanta market – with all our moving, we couldn’t make it this summer, but we plan to be at the fall event in September. And we’ll be eager to showcase so many of our new products…more about that in a moment.

      We’ll announce another contest soon – and always, we appreciate your photos – it's amazing work you do, and I’m happy to add your photos to our blog --  – just send ‘em to me at [email protected] !

      If you need to check on how to order or have other questions: 

     Thank you always for your continued support and for reading this month's issue – enjoy :)

1. New Division of Spiker
2. Let’s get tossing!
3. S.O.S. Cajun Blues Fest
4. School – not yet!
5. Rush Time
6. We don’t want to miss your message!
7. Celebrate August
8. Can we be friends?
9. Be inspired
10. Contact us

1. New Division of Spiker. A new division of Spiker International Corporation will launch soon with original vinyl wraps for your Spikers and so much more. The division will grow to include fabric, clothing, accessories and more. Stay tuned for the reveal of the first patterns in the next few weeks. You’ll be able to use the vinyl wraps alone or add a monogram – hope you’ll enjoy and I’m really anxious to see all the creative ways you’ll use them!

2. Let’s get tossing! Another new item we’ll introduce later in the fall is our game – it’s called Team Toss and it’s fun for 2 or more players of any age – and it comes with a patented twist. Because you toss from the same side as your opponent, be careful or you’ll have points deducted from your score! The game is great for friends and families to enjoy on the beach or lakeside, even in the back yard. More details and release dates are coming soon. And like the Spiker – Team Toss is made in America.

3. S.O.S. Cajun Blues Fest. We’re excited to announce the first annual S.O.S. Cajun Blues Fest, presented by Spiker, on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Special guests include Tab Benoit, Eric Lindell, some world champion jambalaya and some very special kids. Please join us here as we host this show, have a great time and best of all – benefit the Special Olympics. We’ll have Team Toss games and other activities throughout the day, along with one super event we especially hope you’ll be part of -- an auction of original Spikers from YOU – our amazing monogrammers and boutique owners! – and all proceeds will benefit this worthy cause. We hope you’ll come for the show, or if you can’t make it, please send us a Spiker created by YOU to include in the auction.  We’ll give you lots more details later, thank you

4. School – not yet! No matter how much we wish we could postpone it, kids of all ages will start thinking about going back to school soon – but not quite! Help your customers and friends as they plan a few more special summer activities. Load their personalized Spikers with some notecards and Crayons the kids can use for original postcards, or add some small “old fashioned” games like number slide puzzles and car bingo that’ll bring a nostalgic feel for a family trip. And don’t forget one last girls’ weekend get-away – gotta have matching Spikers to commemorate the occasion!

5. Rush Time. But yes, we *are* preparing for school . . . coming next month, we’ll introduce The Spiker Rush – a campaign for Sororities as they reunite and welcome new members. Almost every college and university has at least one lake on campus – and Sororities and other groups love to throw lake parties – so they need their Spikers – sporting their new letters, of course -- year-round, keeping their drinks, phones, keys, snacks, notes and other items within easy reach. Stay tuned for more.

6. We don’t want to miss your message! Please remember that group messages – like this one – go to hundreds of people, and if you reply to these messages, we’re very likely to miss your question or order, and even if we don’t lose it, it’ll take us a lot longer to find and keep track of your response. Please help us by always starting a new email message every time you contact us. Thank you!

7. Celebrate August. Wow, it’s hot – celebrate these days of fun and sun! August is:

American Adventures Month – let your customers know you’re proud to provide them with the made-in-America-guaranteed-for-life-Spiker!
Family Fun Month
Golf Month – how many can you fit in a Spiker?
Orange, Peach and Papaya Month
Picnic Month
Happiness Happens Month

Special Days:
August 2:  Ice Cream Sandwich Day
August 4:  International Forgiveness Day
August 6:  Wiggle Your Toes Day
August 9:  Booklover’s Day
August 10:  S’mores Day
August 16:  Tell-a-Joke Day
August 22:  Be an Angel Day
August 30:  Frankenstein Day

8. Can we be friends? Are we friends? Can I follow you? It seems we’re all social, in a virtual sort of way, lol. We love finding you and your photos on Facebook and Pinterest. If we haven’t connected, or if you’d like us to post your photo on our pages, like or share your stuff, please let us know or write us a message on our Facebook page. And when you do a give-away or special promotion, tell us so we can add your post to our pages. Please check out our Boards and visit us here: 

9. Be inspired.  "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~~ Abraham Lincoln

10. Contact us:  [email protected]  |  800.790.5409  |  850.654.4094

Monograms Today:    

* * * FAQ. We try our best to anticipate your questions and provide you lots of information to help guide you through the ordering process and keep you up to date on new developments. Check this page regularly for new information: 

Thank you for reading!

God bless,

SPIKER:  Made in America, Guaranteed for Life

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