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Why Spiker . . . ?

One style, one quality, one size –

unlimited opportunities . . . .


Every great occasion means family and friends enjoying

great food and drinks and lots of fun –

and every great occasion needs Spikers,

personalized, of course! Got yours?

The Spiker is available in 26 colors:   

Royal-Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Black, Lime, Silver, Gold, Purple, Teal, Orange, Garnet Red, Kelly Green, Carolina-Blue, CamoDays,

Blush, Lilac, Mist, Coral, Strawberry, Kiwi, Tangerine, Cherry, Blueberry & Lemon.

Remember the Spiker for weddings,

family reunions and those fun girls’ weekends at the beach!

Make birthdays and graduations extra 

 special with 

monograms and designs.

        And celebrate every holiday year-round 

with beautifully 

decorated and useful 

                 Spikers indoors and out!=

On vacation,

in the backyard,

     tailgaiting at the big game –

a Spiker is at home anywhere!

We welcome you to become one of our Valued Authorized Dealers!

Please complete the form here and we'll send you wholesale information -- thank you!!

Spiker Life Style Holder

aka: Spiker Beach Beverage Holder

Beach Spike

Sand Spike


Comfy Couch Coaster

Couch Buddy

Whatever you call it . . . Just Spike It!

Works everywhere!

The Spiker is a durable one-piece heavy duty problem-solver. It weighs only 5 ounces and travels easily. Whether on the beach, lakeside or riverbank, garden, yard or sofa, we all look for a way to keep our items and drinks clean and spill-free . . . there's gotta be a better way -- and there is!

Spiker is proudly made here in the good ole USA!

Email Us or call 800.790.5409

for more information & sign up as a

SPIKER Authorized Dealer Today!

For 6, 12, 24 and 48-packs of

Spiker Lifestyle Holders and more cool stuff, visit

World Famous Kookamungas!


See Frequently Asked Questions Here

Thank you :)